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We are the world's safety training experts. Our offshore survival training is tailored for people who already work in the oil and gas industry or for people who are looking to start work offshore for the first time.
From our new state-of-the-art training centre in Amsterdam, we provide ease of access to basic and refresher courses accredited to the OPITO standard. Our investment in new equipment and simulators enables us to create the most realistic training situations in a safe and controlled environment. Our expert instructors give all delegates personal attention. They help delegates to gain the skills and confidence they will need to face in an emergency situation.
We have recently invested heavily in the ongoing development of the most realistic training facilities: At our training centre at the Maasvlakte, new facilities have been built for offshore crisis management training (MoME/MEM IR) as well as wind safety training (GWO) and STCW refresher training. In addition, both our training centres at the Maasvlakte and Den Oever offer oil & gas scenario-based training. Through our three state-of-the-art training centres in the Netherlands we can offer you the maximum flexibility and availability for your needs.
Our internationally-recognised training can also be delivered to the standards of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association or other national regulations. It is possible to follow several separate modules like training with the Category A Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS)  or the Helicopter Under Water Escape Training (HUET). To provide an overview of the training at Falck Safety Services in the Netherlands, we have divided these into four categories:

Basic emergency response training  
for example:


Non emergency response​ training
Gas Measurement

Specialist emergency response training
for example:
OLC/2.7A(C+F) Coxswain Combi
Offshore First Aid


Crisis management training


In the menu you can find more information about the several training.